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1. Are the steel edges sharp?

Each piece is unique burnished so the jewelries secure a confortable wear. The edges are particularly burnished.


2. Aren’t the jewelries heavy?

The products are made from 0,05 mm thick steel plate, so they are really light.


3. Can the jewelries break?

No, they can not. The steel is an iron based alloy which can be very flexible to work with so the jewelries can be formed on the costumer’s body.


4. Is the painting wear down from the product? 

No. The electrostatic powder paint is painted and burnt at 200 degrees on the surface of the metal. This is ecofriendly method which is suitable for painting different steels.


5. How can I clean the product? 

The product can be cleaned by microfiber wipe. Do not put use parfumes, hairspray or any chemicals on the surface of the jewelry because it can be clean harder, also destroy the light of the metal.


6. Do they corrode?

No, they do not beacause all the jewelries are made from stainless steel.


7. Can they cause allergic? 

No, they can not because the surface of the steel get an 50-70 micron thick wrap. The thread burnished surface can cause allergic, but the inner surface can be coated with electrostatic powder paint for special request.